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Aero Cable & Accessory Hook (3 Pack)

Aero Cable & Accessory Hook (3 Pack)

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Hooked on You


Do you need to keep items handy without taking up valuable space on your platform? Convenient Aero Clip-On Hooks are exactly what you need!

Simply push the hook onto any flat edge of the Tether Table and conveniently hang cables, cords, Pocket Wizards, accessories or any light-weight tool you need within arms reach during a shoot. It’s that easy.

Hooks are easy to reposition, but there is no need to take the hooks off when you pack up for the day. The Tether Table will still fit easily into its carrying case with the hooks attached.

Suggested Uses:

Keep lightweight items that might be too bulky to keep on the table easily within reach


Maximum weight per hook: 1.75lb (.80kg)

Package includes:

3 black Aero Clip-On Hooks





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