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CamShield 10-Pack

CamShield 10-Pack

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Micro-Fiber Camera Privacy Shields

TC3110-CamShield-Camera-Security-Shield-tetherclings-2Tether Tools’ CamShield is a Camera Privacy Shield that covers webcams on laptops, tablets and phones to render your device’s camera inaccessible to voyeurs and hackers when you’re not using your webcam. When you need to use it, simply remove the CamShield, stick it on the screen next to the camera and then replace it over the camera when you’re finished. Peel, Stick, Peel, Re-Stick.

To use, simply peel off the clear backing of each CamShield and attach it to your device of choice. The micro-fiber backing acts a screen or lens cleaner to ensure your camera lens is clear of dust, oil or smudges for a clear picture. Tether Clings will re-stick many times. If stickiness diminishes overtime, simply wash with a little soap and water and stickiness will return.


Place over laptop and tablet cameras to protect privacy when not in use.

Place over colored LED indicator lights on TVs, alarm clocks, alarm systems and other electronic devices to keep rooms dark at night.

  • Cam Shield Dimensions: 0.35" (9mm) diameter
  • Remove the clear film backing to expose sticky surface before using.

Package Include:

TC3110 - Cam Shields 10 Pack = 11 CamShields (Bonus CamShield on outer package)



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