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Master Connect, Arm & Clamp Kit

Master Connect, Arm & Clamp Kit

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Rock Solid Master Connect, Arm + Clamp Kit


The Rock Solid Master Connect, Arm + Clamp Kit is designed to hold fixtures and devices securely in place in a variety of situations. The Kit includes the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm and Clamp and the Wallee iPad Connect Kit.

The Master Connect, Arm + Clamp Kit allows you to mount the iPad to any tripod, light stand, Master Clamp, Arm or other versatile support attachments utilized in the photography or film industry. The Wallee Case secures to the back of your tablet and the Connect Bracket locks into the case, allowing you to mount your tablet on various photography equipment. Integrate the iPad into film, photography or music workflow with the most versatile and durable tablet mounting solution available.

Designed and manufactured by Tether Tools, exclusively for the Wallee System, the Connect Bracket helps position the iPad or Tablet so you can increase workflow efficiency using the latest Apps and software solutions. These innovative tools are now conveniently and easily accessible whether you are shooting in the studio or on location.

• Mounting an iPad to a tripod leg or light stand, as well as any flat or round surface in just about location
• Mounting to an automobile, wheelchair or exercise equipment
• Coupled with a Camera Platform, the Master Arm + Clamp Kit enables mounting video or DSLR cameras in hard to reach locations, and offers adjustable angling for ideal positioning.

The Master Arm + Clamp Kit enables mounting on any round or flat surface from 1/2 – 2.1" in diameter or thickness

Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

• Non-reflective black finish
• Load Capacity up to 9.75lbs (4.5kg)
• Maximum Extension of 21"(53.4cm)
• Compatible with Baby 5/8" (16mm) receptor
• 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 threads on each end for added versatility
• Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

Rock Solid Master Clamp

• Non-reflective black finish
• Baby 5/8"(16mm) Socket
• Built -in 1/4"-20 threads
• 5/8"(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4"-20 male thread, insert included

Wallee iPad Case

• Size and color chosen above

Wallee Connect Bracket

• Non-reflective black finish
• Connect Bracket secures the Wallee Case to any 1/4″-20 or 3/8″ thread, 5/8″ Pin or Arca compatible device
• Compatible with all Wallee Cases
• Quickly and easily rotate from landscape to portrait orientation

• Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

Kit includes:

• Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm
• Rock Solid Master Clamp
• Wallee iPad Connect Kit for iPad



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