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TetherBoost USB to DC Power Cable (1m)

TetherBoost USB to DC Power Cable (1m)

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TetherBoost™ USB-D/C Power Cable


The TetherBoost™ USB to D/C Power Cable is a 3′ (1m) cable ideal for use with TetherBoost™ Core Controller. It connects from the TetherBoost™ D/C port to the USB port of an external battery bank such as the Rock Solid 5000mAh External Power Bank. The TetherBoost™ USB to D/C Power Cable is ideal for providing mobile power when shooting on location or away from wall power for long stretches of time. Adding the additional power to TetherBoost™ will allow longer tethering distances as well as supplement battery power from the camera’s battery, increasing the camera’s battery charge life.

*Please note the purchase of the TetherBoost™ USB D/C Power Cable does not include a TetherBoost™ Core Controller or an external battery pack. Additional accessories sold separately.

Plug the TetherBoost™ USB-D/C Power Cable into the TetherBoost™ and connect it to the External Power Bank’s USB port to save camera battery and extend length of tethering cables that can be used with TetherBoost.
• 3' (1m) long
• Black
• Warranty: 90-day warranty from manufacturer defects.

Package includes:

TetherBoost USB to D/C Power Cable



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