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RapidMount MaxClamp Kit

RapidMount MaxClamp Kit

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RapidMount MaxClamp

RM223KT-RM MaxClamp Kit-1The RapidMount MaxClamp from Tether Tools mounts Speed Light Flashes securely to any round, flat or odd shaped object up to 8” (20.3cm) in length or diameter.  Includes non-marring padded feet so it will never damage the surface being mounted.

Includes an articulated Rapid Mount Cold Shoe Elbow for Speed Lights.  Additionally the Rapid Mount Cold Shoe Elbow can be removed exposing a 5/8” (16mm) Baby Stud which is ideal for mounting a variety of gear such as lights, tablets, cameras, monitors and more.  Constructed entirely of steel and aluminum the RapidMount MaxClamp supports weights up to 55lbs (25kg).  Includes Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty.

  • Mount your off-camera speedlight to any round or flat surface up to 8″ in width or diameter

Rock Solid MaxClamp

  • Expands up to 8” (20.3cm) in length or diameter
  • Non-marring padded feet
  • Built-in 5/8" (16mm) Baby Stud
  • Constructed of steel and aluminum
  • Supports weights up to 55lbs (25kg)

  • RapidMount Cold Shoe Elbow

    • Standard cold shoe mount with tightening screw
    • 180º Tilt head with tightening screw
    • 360º Swivel head for easy adjustment
    • Umbrella mounting hole
    • TruVu locking technology
    • All aluminum construction
    • Non-reflective black finish
  • One (1) Tether Tools Rock Solid MaxClamp
  • RapidMount Cold Shoe Elbow
  • Baby Stud Adapter with 1/4" 20 female thread on one side and 3/8" female thread on the other side.


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