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How it Works

CamRanger is a stand-alone device that connects to select Canon or Nikon DLSR cameras with a provided USB cable. It creates an ad-hoc WiFi network that your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or PC can then connect. The free CamRanger software then enables image preview and control of the camera. There is no need for a computer or existing Internet connection.



Hardware Details

  • CamRanger operates on a rechargeable, replaceable battery (extra batteries available for purchase). Battery life varies upon usage but 3 to 6 hours is typical; however, in ideal scenarios over 11 hours can be achieved for intervalometer.  External Power Banks available for extended useage.
  • Charges with and can be powered by provided USB charging cable and US AC adapter.
  • Wireless network enables connections up to 150 feet. (Slow connections have been maintained at 300 feet)
  • Includes Ethernet cable for firmware upgrades for future enhancements

Live View

  • Wirelessly stream live view from the camera to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Mac or PC
  • Double tap to increase magnification.
  • Single tap to focus on an area or make incremental focus adjustments.
  • Perform focus stacking.
  • Frame rate of about 6 – 18 fps depending on camera.

Take and View Pictures

  • Wirelessly capture images in multiple drive modes.
  • Thumbnails automatically appear on the top of the screen after taking a picture.
  • Tap a thumbnail to view the image and its associated meta-data.
  • Images are always saved to the camera card and optionally downloaded to device.
  • Optionally select to have images automatically view on iOS, Mac, PC or Android.

View Full Resolution Images – Take and View Pictures

  • Double tap to view the image at full resolution.
  • Supports full screen mode to maximize the screen size.
  • Toggle a variety of overlays: AF points, highlight, shadow, grid lines, and aspect ratio.


  • Configure your tablet or computer to automatically display pictures as they are taken.
  • Toggle on “Client Mode” to remove camera controls from the device.
  • Allows others such as clients, directors, or associates to quickly and wirelessly view the shots after they are taken by the photographer at the camera.

Movie Recording

  • Start and stop movie recording.
  • View video while recording.
  • Focus adjustments and touch focusing.
  • Movie features are very camera dependent.

Intervalometer and Bulb

  • Configure as an intervalometer to take time lapse pictures.
  • Supports bulb mode with typical control and by using custom defined shutter lengths.
  • No need for your iOS, Droid, Mac or PC device to remain connected after starting.

View and Set Camera Properties

  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Metering Mode
  • Drive/Shooting Mode
  • White Balance
  • Image Format
  • Focus Mode (Nikon only)
  • Auto Exposure Mode (Nikon only)
  • Exposure Compensation & Bracketing
  • Software Auto-Focus toggle to toggle AF/MF
Settings Overview

HDR / Advanced Bracketing

  • Configure CamRanger to take a series of pictures automatically varying Shutter Speed, Aperture, or ISO.
  • Images can then be post-processed with 3rd party software.

    View Camera Card Contents

    • View thumbnails of the images on your camera’s memory card.
    • Select images to be permanently deleted or download them and save into your device’s photo library.
    • Double tap image to view full resolution image.


    Macro Photography

    • Provides very precise focusing control.
    • Great for situations requiring awkward camera placements.
    • Perform automatic focus stacking to enhance depth of field (post processing with 3rd party software required).




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