TetherPro Cable Compatibility Guide

Compatible With:


D810, D800, D800e

645Z, K-3


uEye CP

Compatible With:

Credo 40, Credo 60, Credo 80, Credo WS 80, Credo WS 60

A250, A260, A280, IQ180, IQ140, IQ160, IQ250, IQ260, IQ260 Achromatic, IQ280, IQ3 50, IQ3 60, IQ3 80

Compatible With:

EOS 1D, EOS 1D C, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 1DX MK III, EOS 1D MK IV, EOS 1Ds MK III, EOS-300V, EOS M, 1D MKII*, 1D MK II N*, 1Ds MK II*, EOS 1Ds** &D, 10D,20D, 30D, 60D, 70D, 400D, 40D, 500D, 50D, 5D, 5D MKIII, 5DMKIII, 6D, 7D, Digital Rebel XS, Rebel Xsi, Rebel XTi, Rebel XT, Rebel T1i, Rebel T2i, Rebel T3, Rebel T3i, Rebel T4, Rebel T4i, Rebel T5, Rebel T5i Rebel XS, Rebel SL1

A10, A100, A1000 IS, A 1100 IS, A20, A200, A2000 IS, A2100 IS, A30, A300, A310, A40, A400, A410, A420, A430, A460, A470, A480, A510, A520, A530, A540, A550, A560, A570, A570 IS, A580, A590, A590 IS, G11, G3, G5, G6, G7, G9, Pro 1, S1 IS, S2 IS, S3 IS, S30, S300, S330, S40, S400, S410, S45, S50, S500, S60, S70, S80, S90, SD10, SD100, SD1000, SD110, Sd1100, SD1100 IS, SD1200 IS, Can SD20, SD200, SD30, SD300, SD330, SD40 Cradle Only, SD400, SD430, SD450, SD500, SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700, SD 700 IS, SD750, SD770 IS, CSD780 IS, SD780 IS, SD800, SD800 IS, SD850 IS, SD80 IS, SD880 IS, SD890 IS, SD900, SD940 IS, SD950 IS, SD960 IS, SD970 IS, SD980 IS, SD990 IS, SX1 IS, SX10 IS, SX20 IS, SX30 IS, SX20 IS, SX100 IS, SX110 IS, SX120 IS, SX20 IS, SX130 IS, SC150 IS, SX200 IS, SX 210 IS, SX220 HS, SX230 HS, TX1, Pro1

Q1 Digital 4.0 Ir, S3Pro, S5Pro, S20 Pro, S5000, S5100, S5200 Zoom, S5500 Zoom, S6000fd, S6500fd, S7000, S9000, S9500, S9600, E900, A120, A345, A350, A400, A500, A600, A610, A700, A800, A820, A825, A900, A920, S3 Pro, S5 Pro

uEye LE, SE, RE, ME, ML

S2, M, S

D1X, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3, D3s, D3X, D4, D4s D100, D200, D300, D300s, D600, D610, D700, D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70s, D80, D90, D3000, D3100, D7000

C-2, C-60, C-50 Zoom, C-60 Zoom, C-150, C-160, C-211 Zoom, C-220 Zoom C-300 Zoom, C-350 Zoom, C-380 Zoom, C-390, C-450 Zoom, C-460 Zoom, C-460 Zoom del Sol, C-520 Zoom, C-550 Zoom, C-960 Zoom, C-2000 Zoom, C-2020 Zoom, C-2040, C-4000 Zoom, C-4100 Zoom, C-5000 Zoom, C-700 Ultra Zoom, C-720 Ultra Zoom, C-725 Ultra Zoom, C-730 Ultra Zoom, C-740 Ultra Zoom, C-750 Ultra Zoom, C-755 Ultra Zoom, C-760 Ultra Zoom, C-765 Ultra Zoom, C-770 Ultra Zoom, C-2100 Ultra Zoom, C-5060 Wide Zoom, C-7070 Wide Zoom, C-8080 Wide Zoom, D-100, D150, D-200, D-220L, D-230, D300, D340L, D340R, D-360L, D-370, D-380, D-390, D-395, D-40 Zoom, D-400 Zoom, D-425, D-430, D-450Zoom, D460 Zoom, D-490 Zoom, D-500, D-510 Zoom, D-520 Zoom, D-535 Zoom, D-540 Zoom, D-550 Zoom, D-Zoom, D-560 Zoom, D-565 Zoom, D-580 Zoom, D-590 Zoom

E, E-3, E-300

300, 400, 410

FE-25, FE-26, FE-100, FE-110, FE-115, FE-170, FE-210, FE-270

Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL, IR-300, IR-500, W-10, X-200, X-30, IR300, IR-500, Stylus 300, Stylus 400, Stylus 410, Stylus Digital 300, Stylus Digital 400, Stylus Digital 410, DS-330, DW-10



iON 230, PDC2150, PDC2350, PDC335

101, 202, 220SE, 240, 250, 301, 330, 340, 35 MP3, 350SE, 360, 370, 401, 410, 420, 430, 50-DUO, 530, 800K, U-CA 3, U-CA 401, U-CA-4, V3, V4, V40, V50, 200, 201, 230


a290, a390, a560, a580, a900, a33, a35, a55V, a58, a65, a99, NEX-C3, NEX-5r, NEX-7

DSC-F88, DSC- F707, DSC- 717, DSC-F2828, DSC-G1, DSC-H1, DSC-H2, DSC-H5, DSC-L1, DSC-P1, DSC-P2, DSC-P3, DSC-P5, DSC-P7, DSC-P8, DSC-P9, DSC-P10, DSC-P12, DSC-P20, DSC-P30, DSC-P31, DSCP-32, So DSC-P41, DSC-P43, DSC-P50, DSC-P51, DSC-P52, DSC-P71, DSC-P72, DSC-P73, DSC-P92, DSC-P93, DSC-R1, DSC-240, DSC-S75, DSC-S85, DSC-S500, DSC-S600, DSC-U10, DSC-U20, DSC-U30, DSC-U40, DSC-U50, DSC-U60, DSC-V1, DSC-V3, DSC-W1, DSC-W5, DSC-W7, DSC-W12, DSC-W15, DSC-W17, DSC-W30, DSC-W35

CD200, CD250, CD300, CD350, CD400, CD500, FD-92, FD-97, FD-100, FD-200

*Please note the mini-b is the correct USB cable but the noted bodies are USB 1.1. Although USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1 these models cannot be tethered using the USB port. The TetherPro FireWire 400 4Pin cable is recommended cable for tethering. **EOS 1Ds same as previous only use TetherPro FireWire 400 6Pin.

Compatible With:

a77, a77ii, a7, a7s, aa7r, a5000, a6000, NEX-F3, NEXT-5t, NEX-7

DC-F88, DSC-F707, DSC-

Compatible With:

Nikon DF, D750, D7100, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D3300, D3200

K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-30, K-50, K200D, K10D, K-r, K-7, K-x

a850, a900

Compatible With:

1D MK II, 1D MK II N, 1Ds, MK II

S2 Pro

Compatible With:




645DF, ZD

P20+, P21+, P25+, P30+, P40+, P45+, P65+

Compatible With:

H4D-31, HRD-60, H4D-50, H4D, H4D-50MS, H4D-200MS, H4D-40, H3D-31, H3DII-50, H3DII-39, H3D, H4D, H5D-40, H5D-50, H5D-60, CFV

A250, A260, A280, IQ180, IQ140, IQ160, IQ250, IQ260, IQ260 Achromatic, IQ280

RZ67 Pro IID, RB67 Pro SD, DL, DM

Credo 40, Credo 60, Credo 80, Credo WS 80, Credo WS 60

*Please note newer model Apple computers do not have FireWire ports, only Thunderbolt. If your computer does not have a FireWire port a Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter will be needed to use a FireWire DSLR or Digital Back.


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