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Wireless Tethered Photography with Adobe Lightroom

Wireless Tethered Photography with Adobe Lightroom

Shooting tethered to Adobe Lightroom is a fantastic tool to view images in real time and critically evaluate composition, focus and lighting. However certain environments may not be practical to connect a tethering cable between the camera and computer workstation.  Although using a tethering cable still provides the fastest transfer rates, advances in technology now allow for quick, reliable and easy wireless connections between the camera and computer to immediately view images in Adobe Lightroom.

Prior to starting you will need a CamRanger Tethering System. CamRanger is a non-proprietary wireless tethering system compatible with a variety of camera manufacturers and models. There are tons of features with the CamRanger and it will transmit images to any Apple iOS device (including iPhones, iPads and Mac products). Android and PC software will be available Spring 2013.

Once you have CamRanger set up, integrating Lightroom is simple. Launch the included CamRanger Mac (or PC when available) software and go to Preferences. Establish a directory to save images and make sure “Auto-Download Images” is checked. Then minimize the CamRanger software.

Now in Lightroom create an auto import or “Watched Folder”Watched Folders in Lightroom are easy to create and use. The concept is simple; any time an image file is placed in the folder the image will automatically populate into Lightroom. In Lightroom, go to File -> Auto Import -> Auto Import Setting. Check Enable Auto Import, navigate to the same Watched Folder you are placing the images in from the CamRanger Software. Then create a final destination folder for the Lightroom images, create custom file names, keywords, develop presets, etc.

Then with the CamRanger connected to the camera – begin shooting. Wireless, the images will automatically be brought into the CamRanger software but it should be minimized in the background.

Visible on the computer screen is Lightroom simultaneously bringing up the same image.

If desired, apply predetermined presets in the auto import dialog box and all of the images with be automatically imported with your own unique look and style.




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