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Rock Solid VESA Adapter Plate 200x200

Rock Solid VESA Adapter Plate 200x200

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The Rock Solid VESA Adapter Plate 200x200 for the Tether Tools Vu Monitor Mounts (sold separately) allows for larger VESA compliant monitors to mount on photography and film stands, grip gear, tripods, and arms.

The standard Vu Monitor Mounts incorporate 75×75 and 100×100 VESA patterns. TheRock Solid VESA Adapter Plate 200x200 accommodates larger monitors with a variety of VESA patterns up to 200×200.

Mounting Hardware included.

400×200 and Universal VESA Vu Adapters are also available.

Adapt the standard Vu Monitor mount to be able to hold larger monitors
• Accommodates VESA patterns up to 200x200
• Non-reflective black finish

Package includes:

200x200 VESA Vu Adaptor in non-reflective black finish and mounting hardware



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