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Aero ProPad BLK

Aero ProPad BLK

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Aero ProPad for the Tether Table Aero


The Aero ProPad for the Tether Table Aero system is an easy-to-use, cushioned, non-slip pad that keeps the Aero, and the gear on it, from slipping or scratching.

The specially-formulated composite material disperses the heat generated by your laptop computer. It is also water and stain proof and simply wipes clean if something is spilled on it. For additional peace of mind, be sure to add the handy Aero ProPad to your Tether Table order.

All Aero ProPads are custom-sized for their respective table sizes, so please make sure you select the appropriate table size when placing your order.

  • Keep your laptop from slipping
  • Protect your gear and your table from getting scratched
  • Keep your laptop cool
  • 14.75" x 10" (37.50cm x 25.50cm)
  • Black
Package includes:

Aero ProPad for table size selected above



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