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Black Rapid Strap for Wallee iPad & Tablet System

Black Rapid Strap for Wallee iPad & Tablet System

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Simply Strapping


Tether Tools and BlackRapid have come together to give iPad and tablet users the ultimate solution to use tablet hands-free. Tablet users can now keep their device handy at all times for easy access to apps and tools used daily.

For current users of the AeroTab or Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite & Case, the BlackRapid Metro Strap & Hitch D-Ring adds the option of wearing the iPad/Tablet hands free. Go from tripod or desk mount to wearing your tablet in seconds.

The TabStrap System offers a completely versatile and secure shoulder sling strap system for wearing an iPad or tablet. With the iPad or tablet positioned in an AeroTab or Wallee Case (sold separately) and using the included streamlined Hitch D-Ring attachment, the iPad or tablet lays flat for a comfortable fit on the body.

BlackRapid’s included ConnectR provides easy glide on the strap and utilizes a locking carabiner, swivel base and screw-lock gate to keep everything secure.

Either the Studio Proper Wallee iPad and Tablet Case and Connect Lite (both sold separately) or AeroTab (sold separately), are required for the BlackRapid Strap to function as a hands free solution.

Great for wear/use related to:

• Tethered photo shoots
• Art & film directing
• Make-up & hair stylists on set
• Film & photography sessions
• Clients & art directors on set
• Sports coaching & analysis
• Trade-shows
• Business meetings
• Teaching & lecturers
• Tours & events
• Traveling
• Daily commuting
• Healthcare administration
• Special needs

Specs: • Strap Length: 160cm (with pad)
• Strap Width: 6.5cm (widest)
• Strap Material: Ballistic Nylon
• Fastener: Hitch
• One-year warranty

Package includes:

• Black Rapid TabStrap with length adjustment clip and locking bumpers
• Hitch D-Ring connector for Connect Lite low profile bracket




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