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JerkStopper Digital Director Tethering Kit

JerkStopper Digital Director Tethering Kit

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JerkStopper Digital Director Tethering Kit

JS080DD-Tether-Tools-Jerk-Stopper-Digital-Director-5The JerkStopper Digital Director Tethering Kit is the perfect kit to protect both your camera and your Digital Director. The JerkStopper for Digital Director removes the stress and strain from both the USB and power cable connected to the Manfrotto Digital Director, ensuring the plugs stay in and are protected from damage. The patented JerkStopper cable retention device provides an anchor point allowing slack in the cord preventing stress, dislodging, and damage.

The JerkStopper Tethering Camera Support removes the stress and strain from aa cable or cord, ensuring the plug stays in and is protected from damage.

Anchor the JerkStopper for Digital Director into one of the 4 cold shoe slots located around the back edge of the Digital Director. The two included aluminum lock nuts allows the JerkStopper to be rotated and secured in any direction for easy customization. Use the JerkStopper with both the A/C power cord and the USB cable simultaneously.

The JerkStopper is a versatile and inexpensive tool that could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in preventable damage.

* Product listing is for the JerkStopper for Digital Director shown in the initial image; clamps, cables & attachments sold separately.


For use while tethering using the Manfrotto Digital Director. Keep your usb cable securely connected to both the Manfrotto Digital Director and the camera. Helps protect the port on both devices. The JerkStopper for Digital Director also holds and protects the A/C power cable of the Digital Director.


JerkStopper Camera Support

• Secure JerkStopper Camera to any DSLR camera or Digital Back
• Quick Release for fast and easy tethering set-up
• Supports cable diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm

JerkStopper for Manfrotto Digital Director

• Included aluminum lock-nut to rotate JerkStopper and lock any direction
• Use with any cord or cable with diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm. Large enough to hold the USB and power cable simultaneously.
• All Aluminum construction
• Non-reflective black finish

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