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JerkStopper In-line Cable Support (4Pk)

JerkStopper In-line Cable Support (4Pk)

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JerkStopper In-Line Cable Management System


The JerkStopper In-Line cable management system keeps daisy-chained extension cables and adapters from disconnecting during use. The device’s simple design is matched by its exceptional functionality. A weak link or disconnected cable in a chain can cause signal interruption or overall connection failure. The JerkStopper In-Line cable management system ensures extension cables stay connected regardless of any movement, jerking, or tugging on the cables. Additionally, removing the strain from the cable plugs prevents costly port damage.

In-Line JerkStoppers are ideal for any cable 4.0 to 8.5mm in diameter and can be used to keep cable extensions connected at each connector point in the chain. To accommodate various cable diameter sizes, a small piece of gaff or duct tape may be applied to the cable to ensure a secure fit and eliminate any slipping of the cable. The easy twist design of the In-Line Jerkstopper makes setup a snap.

In-Line JerkStoppers are also ideal for cable organization to keep various computer and electronic cords from getting tangled between the device, ports, and outlets.

Secure daisy chained cables
• Reusable
• Easy twist rotation to secure on cable
• Fits any cord or cable with diameters from 4.0 mm to 8.5mm

Package Includes:

4 JerkStopper In-Line Cables Supports



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