LoPro-2 Bracket for the Aero Tether Table System

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When Inches & Ounces Matter

When space and weight are at a premium, the LoPro-2 Bracket offers Tether Table Aero owners a lightweight, low profile bracket option for mounting their laptop workstation to tripods. The interchangeable table-mounting bracket is ideal to use when transporting the Tether Table Aero in a backpack, laptop, camera, or messenger bag. For photographers traveling with their Tether Table (sold separately), using the LoPro-2 instead of the LAJO-4 ProBracket that is included with the purchase of the Tether Table gives you just a little bit more flexibility inpacking your case.


The LoPro-2 is a mere 0.63″(1.6cm) high and 1.6 oz(45g), making the bracket ideal for laying the assembled table flat in a roller bag and keeping the load nice and light. The LoPro-2 integrates seamlessly with the Tether Table Aero System and is fully compatible with all Tether Table accessories, including the Aero XDC and XDC Duo. Like the LAJO-4 Pro Bracket, the LoPro-2 has a 30-lb load capacity.

The LoPro-2 has a 1/4″-20 female thread for mounting the table on any tripod head and a built-in Arca-style quick-release plate receptor, making it compatible with any Arca-style tripod mounting system, such as Really Right Stuff, Arca-Swiss or AcraTech tripods.

The LoPro-2 is built in the U.S.A, made entirely of aerospace aluminum, and available in a non-reflective black or brushed silver finish to compliment the Tether Table.

Minimize the size and weight of the mounting bracket needed to attach your Tether Table to a stand or tripod
  • Lo-Profile bracket height 0.63"(1.6cm)
  • Hollowed design to reduce bracket weight 1.6oz (45g)
  • All aluminum construction - maximum load capacity 30lbs (13.5kg)*
  • Shallow design fits laptop & camera bags, backpacks & messengers
  • Switch between the LoPro2 and the LAJO-4 ProBracket as needed
  • Versatile 1/4"-20 thread works with any tripod
  • Built in compatibility plate for Arca-style mounting systems
  • Non-reflective black finish to match Black Tether Table Aero
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

*Stands & tripods have different weight limits. Please consult the manufacturer's guidelines prior to attaching your Tether Table. Tether Table Aero and other accessories shown sold separately.

Package includes:

LoPro-2 Bracket

Tether Table Aero and other accessories shown sold separately.



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