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Rock Solid Aero Double Arm

Rock Solid Aero Double Arm

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Rock Solid Aero Double Arm


The Rock Solid Aero Double Arm is a versatile arm fitted with 5/8″(16mm) Baby studs on each end for integration with standard grip gear. The arm easily attaches any Tether Table Aero workstationWallee Connect iPad mountLocal Vu Monitor Mount, or strobe to position virtually anywhere and at any angle.

The Aero Double Arm holds up to 11lbs (5kg) and has a maximum extended length of 24″ (61cm). The arm is adjustable via the sliding, angled extensions and offers excellent performance, lightness, and versatility.

Many arms and brackets rely on friction and over-tightening of knobs to hold gear in place, which may cause sagging or small movements over time. Unlike traditional designs, the Aero Arm utilizes TruVu Technology, a locking system which, once set, prevents movement or sagging to achieve precise result. The quick locking TruVu system allows for easy maneuvering of mounted gear. TruVu enables a secure lock so there is no sagging or movement.

For security, one of the 5/8″(16mm) Baby studs is fitted with a hexagon base for an anti-rotation fitting when used with a Rock Solid Master Clamp. The other stud includes a female 3/8″ thread for additional versatility and mounting.

The Aero Double Arm, used in conjunction with the optional Rock Solid Master Clamp, mounts on any cylinder,pipe, or flat shelf from 1/2″- 2″ in diameter or thickness.

Easily position fixtures up to 11lbs virtually anywhere and at any angle
• Maximum Capacity - 11lbs (5kg)
• Fully extended 24"(61cm)
• Sliding, angled extensions for versatility
• Compatable 5/8"(16mm) Baby Pin found on grip stands, arms, and clamps
• Non-reflective black finish
• TruVu System eliminates movement or sagging
• Folds compactly for easy transport
• Weighs less than 1.7lbs(3.3kg)
• Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

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Rock Solid Aero Double Arm in non-reflective black finish



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