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Rock Solid Pro Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy

Rock Solid Pro Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy

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Rock Solid Pro Drum Kit


The Rock Solid Pro Drum Kit includes everything you need to mount your Wallee iPad Case (sold separately) to any stand, boom, or rack. For a complete overview and video of the Wallee System please click here.

The Connect Bracket features a 5/8” pin receptor for insertion of the Hollywood Superflex Arm. The arm measures 30″ (76cm) fully extended and has 3 fully articulating elbows to position the tablet in just about any angle. The arm attaches to your stand via the Rock Solid Master Clamp, which enables quick and secure mounting on any column from 0.5″ to 2.1″. Also included is a unique wedge insert designed for clamping onto any flat surface in the 0.5″ to 2.1″ range as well. All parts are made of high quality aluminum and come with Tether Tools lifetime warranty.

The RS Pro Drum Kit is designed for easy transport and can be quickly added to any drum kit. Keep all the gear together with the durable Tether Tools Organization Case (sold separately)

Mount an iPad to your drum set

Wallee Connect Bracket

• Non-reflective black finish
• Connect Bracket secures the Wallee Case to any 1/4″-20 or 3/8″ thread, 5/8″ Pin or Arca compatible device
• Compatible with all Wallee Cases
• Quickly and easily rotate from landscape to portrait orientation

Hollywood Superflex Arm with 3 elbows for unlimited angling options

• Durable and lightweight
• All aerospace aluminum construction
• 3 fully articulating ball joints for easy positioning to almost any angle
• Serrated ball joints to lock down positioning for stability
• 5/8" (16mm) Baby Pin receptor
• 3/8"-16 internal thread to secure additional photography accessories
• 30" (76cm) reach when fully extended
• Supports up to 8lbs (3kg)

Rock Solid Master Clamp

• Baby 5/8"(16mm) Socket locks securely on Utility Arm’s 5/8” (16mm) stud. Clamp can also be used with Tether Tools’ Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm, Rock Solid Double Articulating Arm, Camera Platform, Rock Solid Aero Elbow, Baby Ballhead Adapter and more.
• Built-in 1/4"-20 threads for mounting smaller Rock Solid Articulating Arms
• Metal handle for unsurpassed durability
• Non-reflective black finish
• Lift-ratch style handle for tightening in confined spaces
• 5/8"(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4"-20 male thread, insert included
• Securely attaches to round and flat surfaces from 0.5" to 2.1"
• Weight Capacity 35lbs (16kg)
• Rugged construction

Kit includes:

• One (1) Tether Tools Wallee Connect bracket
• One (1) Hollywood Superflex Arm with 3 elbows for unlimited angling options
• One (1) Rock Solid Master Clamp



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