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Rock Solid Utility Arm + Clamp Kit

Rock Solid Utility Arm + Clamp Kit

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Rock Solid Utility Arm + Clamp Kit


The Rock Solid Utility Arm + Master Clamp Kit is all aluminum construction and can support a variety of gear up to 35lbs(16kg). The arm measures 7”(178mm) in length. The male end that mates with the Master Clamp has a Hex design to eliminate any unwanted rotation. Available in non-reflective black.

The Rock Solid Utility Arm used in conjunction with a Rock Solid Master Clamp is the perfect studio or location solution to keep gear conveniently located and easily accessible.

The Rock Solid Master Clamp is an indispensable piece of gear designed to mount arms and gear to an array of round or flat surfaces. In addition to securing Tether Tables, Wallee Connects, and Local Vu Mounts, it will hold just about anything else including cameras, strobes, flashes, umbrellas, cross bars, even other Master Clamps.

• Holding electrical cords and cables, sandbags and cases, power packs, batteries and other outlets
• Holding gaffer tape and expendables
• Other clamps can also be attached to the arm to hold additional gear.

Utility Arm Specifications

• Maximum Load – 35lbs(16kg)
• Attachment Size - 5/8" (16mm) Baby Hex Stud
• Hex stud to prevent unwanted rotation
• Aerospace aluminum construction
• Hex male stud prevents unwanted rotation
• Weight - 5oz (141g)
• Length - 7" (178mm)
• Non-reflective black finish
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

Master Clamp Specifications:

• Baby 5/8"(16mm) Socket locks securely on Utility Arm’s 5/8” (16mm) stud. Clamp can also be used with Tether Tools’ Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm, Rock Solid Double Articulating Arm, Camera Platform, Rock Solid Aero Elbow, Baby Ballhead Adapter and more.
• Built-in 1/4"-20 threads for mounting smaller Rock Solid Articulating Arms
• Metal handle for unsurpassed durability
• Non-reflective black finish
• Lift-ratch style handle for tightening in confined spaces
• 5/8"(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4"-20 male thread, insert included
• Securely attaches to round and flat surfaces from 0.5" to 2.1"
• Weight Capacity 35lbs (16kg)
• Rugged construction

*The Rock Solid Utility Arm + Clamp Kit is rated to hold equipment up to 35 lbs(16kg), however, always refer to maximum load limits on stands. Those weight limitations ALWAYS take precedent. Listing is for the Rock Solid Utility Arm + Clamp Kit only. All other items pictured sold separately.

Kit includes:

• Rock Solid Utility Arm
• Rock Solid Master Clamp
• 5/8"(16mm) Baby Stud, with 1/4"-20 Male Thread
• Wedge Insert for Securing Clamp to Flat Surfaces



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