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Starter Tethering Kit

Starter Tethering Kit

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Tether Tools Starter Tethering Kit

TetherPro Cable

TetherPro USB & FireWire cables, all 15ft (4.6m) are premium, high capacity cables designed for photo transfer at fast speed while shooting tethered. Gold plating and ferrite cores reduce noise and signal errors for the most reliable tethering experience.

Available in high-visibility orange or black. Depending on your style of camera, you will require a certain cable which you can determine in our Camera Compatibility Guide.

JerkStopper Cable Management:


Cables and power cords can dislodge from cameras and computers due to normal movement and activity. To avoid damage and costly repairs, JerkStopper® Cable Management Devices offer the ideal solution for tethering with USB, FireWire, HDMI or flash sync cables (3.5- 8.5mm). The patented JerkStopper cable retention device provides an anchor point allowing slack in the cord preventing damage or dislodging. The Camera Support has a quick-release feature that protects the camera in the case of extreme jerking. This kit includes both the JerkStopper Camera Support as well as USB Computer Support.

Tether Tools Cable Organization Case:

The Tether Tools Standard Cable Organization Case is an easily accessible, durable storage case for all of your tethering cables, straps and cable retention devices. Features a clear front window enabling quick and easy access to exactly what you need.

TetherPro USB LED ProLight

Energy efficient TetherPro USB LED light plugs directly into a computer’s USB port. It provides a narrow beam of light to view quickly view shot lists, notes and anything else while working on a dark set.

Get everything you need to get started tethering

• TetherPro Cable
- 15' (4.6m)

• JerkStopper Cable Management Kit
- JerkStopper Camera Support
- JerkStopper USB Computer Support

• Tether Tools Standard Cable Organization Case, black
- 8"W x 8"H x 2" D

• TetherPro USB LED ProLight, black
- Extra long life LED lasts about 10,000 hrs

The Starter Tether Kit includes:

• TetherPro Cable USB 15'

• JerkStopper Cable Management Kit

• Tether Tools Standard Cable Organization Case

• TetherPro USB LED ProLight



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