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TetherCling Cleaner & Security Kit

TetherCling Cleaner & Security Kit

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TetherCling Cleaner & Security Kit

TC3108-LensCling-LensCleaner-3TetherClings are small Microfiber cleaners that stick to cameras and electronic devices to ensure there is always a cleaner nearby for lenses, screens and fine optics of all kinds. Simply peel off the clear backing of each Cling and attach it to your device of choice. The MicroFiber cleaner on the other side removes dust, oil, smudges and dirt from laptop, phone and tablet displays, computer screens, lenses and fine optics.

The TetherCling Cleaner & Security Kit includes all three TetherCling Options:

  • Two (2) LensClings
  • Two (2) ScreenClings
  • One (1) Cam Shield

TC3108-LensCling-LensCleaner-7To clean the lens or screen, simply Peel, Clean and Re-Stick the cling to the device for safe keeping. For lens cleaning, use hot breath to fog the lens and clean in a circular motion. The three options are available in varying kits and each serves a different purpose.


LensClings conveniently stick to your lenshood for easy access to a lens cleaner at all times. Peel, Clean and ReStick many times. Great size for phones, readers and glasses or sunglasses as well.


TC3110-CamShield-Camera-Security-Shield-tetherclings-2ScreenClings adhere to the back of laptops, monitors, tablets, readers and other devices and are safe to use with the finest screen displays, optics and lens coatings. Simply Peel, Clean and Re-Stick.


CamShields are Camera Privacy Shields that cover the webcam on laptops, tablets and phones to render your device’s camera inaccessible to voyeurs and hackers when you’re not using your webcam. When you need to use it, simply remove the CamShield, stick it on the screen next to the camera and then replace it over the camera when you’re finished. Peel, Stick, Peel, Re-Stick,

  • ScreenCling: Attach to back of laptop or tablet or monitor. Keep handy for screen cleaning.
  • LensCling: Attach to Lenshood and use to clean lenses. Attach to phone, tablet, small camera, reader and use to clean screens or glasses and sunglasses.
  • CamShield: Place over laptop and tablet cameras to protect privacy when not in use.


  • ScreenCling: 1.25” x 1.25” square
  • LensCling: 2.2 x 2.2” square
  • CamShield Dimensions: 0.35" (9mm) diameter

To use: Remove the clear film backing to expose sticky surface. Stick to device of choice. To clean a camera lens, use hot breath to fog lens before cleaning. Clean lens in a circular motion. Can be removed and replaced many times. If stickiness diminishes, simply wash sticky side with a little soap and water and stickiness will return.

  • TC3109 - TetherCling Cleaner & Security Kit = Two (2)
  • LensClings, Two (2) ScreenClings
  • One (1) Bonus CamShield


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