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TetherPro HDMI Mini Swivel Adapter

TetherPro HDMI Mini Swivel Adapter

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TetherPro HDMI Mini Swivel Adapter


The TetherPro HDMI Mini (Type C) Male to HDMI (Type A) Female Swivel Adapter makes fitting HDMI cables in tight places simple and easy. Ideal to protect device ports from unnecessary cable stress and strain.

This adapter is perfect for use with DSLR and video cameras, video monitors, televisions, wall mounts, computers, and computer monitors. The adapter features a HDMI Mini Male (Type C) to HDMI Female (Type A) with gold plated connectors to resist corrosion and signal degradation.

The TetherPro Swivel Adapter design allows users to rotate 180 degrees at the elbow joint and another 180 degrees on the female side for a variety of configurations and angles. This adapter has a unique lock that only allows one turn in each direction keeping the connection strong and preventing shorts.

The TetherPro HDMI Mini Swivel Adapter meets all HDMI 1.4b specifications offering full support of 3D.

Adapters are also available for HDMI (Type A) or HDMI Micro (Type D) connections.

For additional cable management be sure to check out our JerkStopper Tethering Kit and complete line of JerkStopper Cable Retention Devices.

Fit HDMI cables into tight places

• 180 Degree Swivel at elbow and female receptor
• HDMI High Speed (10.2 Gbps)
• HDMI v1.4 Compliant
• 3D capable
• Ethernet channel
• Audio return channel
• 4k resolution support

• Bandwidth: 10.2 Gbps data transfer rate
• Resolution: Up to 3840x2160 @ 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz and 4096x2160 @ 24Hz

• Connector 1: HDMI Mini (Type C) Male
• Connector 2: HDMI (Type A) Female

TetherPro HDMI Mini (Type C) Male to HDMI (Type A) Female Swivel Adapter


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