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TetherPro Mini B USB 2.0 Left Angle Cable Adapter BLK 12

TetherPro Mini B USB 2.0 Left Angle Cable Adapter BLK 12" (30cm)

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TetherPro Mini B USB Left Angle Cable Adapter


TetherPro Premium Mini-B 5 Pin USB left angle cable adapter connects directly into the camera port and then into the TetherPro Mini B 5 Pin USB Cable.

The one foot (30cm) left angle adapter connects to the camera using a 5-pin mini-B connector.

Depending on your shooting style, having a cable coming straight out of the camera may cause interference. Additionally, using an “L” bracket on the camera often interferes with the cable coming out of port. The TetherPro angled adapters are designed to extend down the side of the camera allowing cables to be used during shoots and adapt to your shooting style.

The angled adapters are also available as a right angle so inspect your camera port to ensure the cable plug is going in the correct direction for your needs.

For additional cable management be sure to check out our JerkStopper Tethering Kit and complete line of JerkStopper Cable Retention Devices.

* Please note the adapter is a 1ft (30cm) cable designed to be using in conjunction with the TetherPro Mini B 5 pin USB Cable.

Can’t find the right cable? Let us know and we will help you find it.

Align your tethering cable down the side of your camera
• 1' (0.3m) long
• Black
• Compliant with all USB 2.0 specifications
TetherPro Premium Mini-B 5 Pin USB Left Angle Cable Adapter 1' in black


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