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TetherTools Full Setup without Stand

TetherTools Full Setup without Stand

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Tether Tools 

has assembled the ideal package for working professionals looking for the complete tethering solution. Included is everything needed to set up a professional tethering workstation for use in studio or on location.

• A stable, professional out-of-studio workspace
• A safe, accessible place to hold your gear
Pcs Item Description
1 RS290KT Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm & Clamp Kit
1 Ext. Cable USB ext. cable 2.0 or 3.0 (length 4.9 meters)
1 RS291KT Rock Solid Utility Arm & Clamp Kit
1 SS004 Secure Strap
1 JS022 Jerkstopper Clip-On for the Aero Computer
1 ASHK3 Aero Cable & Accessory Hook (3 Pack)
1 Cable USB 2.0 or 3.0 Cable (length 4.6m)
1 JS020 JerkStopper Tethering Camera Support
1 PDTRVL Aero Propad Traveler BLK
1 ASCUP21 Aero Cup Holder
1 AXDCBLK Aero XDC Black
1 TTATBLK Aero Traveler 16"x14" - BLK
1 SSMRST StrapMoore for Laptop Power Brick
1 CT002PK JerkStopper ProTab® Cable Ties- Small
1 TTUTBLK Aero Utility Tray + Arm
1 RS220 Rock Solid Master Clamp
1 STDVU-2 Studio Vu Monitor Mount 2nd Gen
1 ATS4 AeroTab S4-Universal Tablet Mount w/ LAJO-4
1 RS613 Rock Solid Baby Side Arm Kit


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